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Independent Travel

(Uber Style)

Uber Style Apps

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Good to Know

All Grab drivers are vaccinated.

You can be picked up by car or motorbike.

The motorbike can make a swift journey through busy traffic,

And it's cheaper.


You can also order food on the app.

Have a Balinese meal or a pizza delivered to your door.

All transactions can be paid in cash

When to use.

These Can be a good option for A to B style travel.

Short and even longer journeys can be economical.

Use just like a taxi, to the beach, or to your next destination


Not everyone's happy

There are a few areas where the local drivers are not too happy about the arrival of competition.

Normally you may see a sign saying No Grab.

You normally can still use grab though walk away from where the local drivers wait for customers.

Sometimes your lift may pick you up from just around the corner.

Multiple Stops

If you wish to travel with multiple stops Please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Our prices are local style low. 
Paying for the car
(Not per person)


Getting around without getting ripped off 

If tempted to Hail a cab from the side of the road please make sure it is an original Blue Bird taxi.
NOT a copy of a bluebird taxi or a Bali taxi.
If you do need to hail a cab make sure to ask to turn the meter on to avoid overpricing.
If they don't want to use the meter take another cab

There are a couple of good ways to get around without the risk of getting ripped off.
The main ones to use are app-based.
Just download on to your smartphone and you're on the move.

The main transport companies around are
Grab and  Gojek.
Both operate like uber.
You know your driver by Registration and name.
The price is shown on the app and before accepting.

Also, the original Blue Bird Taxis now has its own App.

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