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Surf Bali: Where to begin surfing. The Best Waves

Surfing is a must for anyone coming to Bali

No matter if you are a new learner or a seasoned professional surfer, Bali has a surf spot for you

Bali has been drawing surfers from around the globe for decades.

With perfect waves for all skill levels of surfer.

Some surf spots are easily accessible and only minutes away from your hotel.

Kuta beach following the coast passed Legian, Seminyak onward to Canggu has some impressive waves.

Surf boards for rent and surf lessons are offered at various spots along the beach.

If you choose to learn to surf here always surf with another person and stay safe

"SURFING IS A WAY TO BE FREE" Lisa Anderson (Professional surfer)

Another favorite spot for beginners to enjoy is Baby Padang Padang.

Whilst Padang Padang is known for some perfect waves at a professional level,

Its near by baby Padang Padang is perfect to learn from.

How to get to these places?

If you need any help arranging lessons, boards or transport for you and your board to the perfect waves just send a message and your on your way.

Want to know more about surfing Bali? Message us today

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