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Penjor. The Symbol of Galungan.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

finely decorated bamboo poles are placed outside each house on the street Decorated in woven grass design offerings overhang the road. Producing a splendid image.

Galungan is marked by placing a penjor outside every home.

For Hindus in Bali, the penjor is a symbol of a mountain that is considered sacred. The penjor should be installed on the day of the galungan ceremony, after 12 noon. This means that when we are humans, we fight against dirty thoughts, fight against negative traits, and ego traits. After successfully winning the war against these thoughts and traits, as a sign of victory, a penjor is installed as a symbol of "victory".

"Galungan .The triumph of good over evil"

Each element in the penjor symbolizes sacred symbols

Bamboo as the power of Lord Brahma

Coconut as a symbol of Lord Rudra

Yellow Cloth and Janur as a symbol of Dewa Sangkara

Bungkah Nutmeg and Hanging Nutmeg as symbols of Lord Vishnu

Sugarcane as a symbol of the God of Sambu

Rice as a symbol of Dewi Sri

White cloth as a symbol of Lord Iswara

Rebuttal as a symbol of Lord Shiva

Upakara as a symbol of the Lord Sradha Shiva and Parama Shiva

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