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Tailor-Made Holidays

Tailor-made holiday planner


What would you like to experience?

We are here to help plan your holiday In Bali.

Time spent away from the normal every day is precious. A chance to experience a new culture. Broaden your mind. Learn new skills like scuba diving and surfing. Trek up a volcano for sunrise or just relax and read your favorite book while chilling but the pool. The choice is yours 

Here at Bali dream rooms, we help to plan your holiday and help in any way possible. You can call us for a hotel, villa transport, and a place to eat. If you want to know where the best place to buy sunblock we are here to help.


To help plan your holiday please try and answer a few simple questions, and we will contact you with a selection of fitting types of accommodation. Transportation and activities just for you.

From classic  Balinese hotels to Outstanding resorts and villas We can help provide for your needs

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