Bali Flight Operators

Booking your flight

If you have opted for a package holiday the flight will already have been arranged for you,

There is a few options for those wishing to book  flights independently.

The choice of where you buy your flight from can depend on personal choice to cost and flexibility.

If your time is limited with a fixed outbound and return date you may find the best prices through a reputable travel agent. Travel agents will possibly sell at a price cheaper than buying direct with the airline.

The rules choosing a ticket either with a travel agent or direct with the airline is to understand what you you are buying.

Cancellation fees  can differ with travel agent and airline. it could be possible that a ticket bought with a travel agent may have a higher cancellation fee than the same flight if bought  direct from the airline. The same time buying direct from the airline some cheaper flight prices also have 100% non refundable as do some travel agent flight tickets.

If you wish to plan with caution or have flexibility of date change whilst traveling booking direct with the airline could be the option for you.

always read restrictions ,cancellations a and rule of ticket before you buy .

If buying a ticket online always ensure you input the right details before payment is made online.


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