Planning ahead

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“when this is over I'm going to show my appreciation and enjoy life”

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“when this is over I'm going to show my appreciation and enjoy life”.

That’s not saying I don’t appreciate life, I do. I feel the luckiest man alive to wake next to my wife and see our two sons in the morning. Life is great. I love my eight month old son's smile when he wakes. I love playing with my eldest, I worry all the time for the safety of the children and pray for us all or at least the boys to get through this. If we all get through this then. I want the boys to see more than just the end of the street. I want them to go to the beach. See the mountains and be able to visit family and friends.

John Bournemouth  35

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coronavirus affects everyone's lives, uncertain when life will return to normal makes it hard to make future plans.

Trying to Stay positive, Looking forward to the future whilst coronavirus is out and about is not always an easy task.

Isolation can be frustrating.

The garden and house have been sorted. The book you always promised one day would read is finally finished.

Life in isolation is not physically hard. The main thing to remember is to stick to the rules. We have our health and a future.

One thing we all have now is free time.

Why not make a positive statement and plan your future holiday.


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Flights are discounted with large savings to take advantage of.

The same stands for the rules of some flight tickets.

If it is not possible to fly to your destination due to corona a change in flight or refund may be possible.

(always read ticket rule and restrictions before purchase)




As mad as it may seem it can be done, and without added risk.

Book risk-free accommodation with, Free cancellation.

An endless list of offers to be had. corona.jpg
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Instagram Tour

Come experience all the the sights you have loved  to see on Instagram. 



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Jungle swing tour

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