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Come experience all the sights you have loved to see on Instagram. 



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Jungle swing tour

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If you wish to travel around Bali without the hassle of overpriced tours feel free to contact Bali Dream Rooms.



              Low-cost tours and travel


For the price  of one person with a similar tour company

 we can drive you all to the highlights,  

The day is yours to choose whatever you like to do.

 To go wherever your dreams take you.

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Getting around without getting ripped off 

If tempted to Hail a cab from the side of the road please make sure it is an original Blue Bird taxi.NOT a copy of a bluebird taxi or a Bali taxi.
If you do need to hail a cab make sure to ask to turn the meter on to avoid overpricing.
There are a couple of good ways to get around without too much hassle.
The main ones to use app-based.
Just download on to your smart phone and you're on the move.
The main transport companies around are Grab and  Gojek.
Both operate like uber.
You know your driver by Registration and name.
The price is shown on the app and before accepting.
Also, the original Blue Bird Taxis have joined with there own App.


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Bali Dream Rooms offers travel information on a wide range of destinations. Learn about Bali.

Choose  your Favourite destinations today .


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