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Balinese Ceremonies

Melasti Ceremony  
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Melasti ceremony is a purification ritual before the silent day of Bali (Nyepi). They held this ritual in the sea. This ritual has an aim to erase all the bad things and bad karma from human and then they throw it to the ocean

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Nyepi 2020 

March 25th Until March 26th

Nyepi is a Balinese Hindu ceremony marking the new year in the Hindu calendar. Nyepi is known as the day of silence. The day when all stay home, the spirits pass through Bali on this day leaving the island cleansed as another year begins.

  The festivities begin the day before Nyepi with the ogoh ogoh.

All across Bali processions are on the street carrying huge statues of evil spirits, Shaking them around as they are paraded around the streets. eventually to be burnt, ridding Bali of the  spirits 

This is a time of happiness and party.


Nyepi begins at 6 am on the 25th of March and ends at 6 am on the 26th of march. At this time everyone is to stay in their homes.

Bali this day is officially closed. No one is allowed on the streets.

The internet is off as well as the television reception and also the airport is closed.

As a Visitor to Bali, you should be allowed to go into the hotel grounds.

Check with your hotel beforehand to avoid any problems.

I f you don't wish to participate in Nyepi don't worry there are other options For most Who wish to avoid Nyepi make the half-day journey to Gili islands. The Gilis are a great place to visit with great beaches and accommodation for all budgets.

Travel to the Gilis


If you wish to travel to the Gili islands we can organize the fast boat to pick you from your hotel. please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 


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