To enjoy Singapore doesn't need to cost the earth.

The local Chinese hawkers market food is the best I have had, and at a price that won't hurt the budget. Butternut Tree Hotel through Agoda proved that the chance to have a hotel room and privacy doesn't need to be out of reach at a  dormitory hotel price.


Hidden gems of Singapore

One of the first things you are to notice about Singapore is its greenery. Named as the garden city it’s easy to see why. With trees on most streets and open areas and parks throughout the city. You can be standing waiting to cross the road only to be serenaded by tropical bird calls in the nearby trees.                                                                              


Adding to the aesthetics of the city, with a blend of old and new buildings complementing one another. Roads of traditional colonial houses are still common. Mostly painted vibrant colours of floorless condition. Backdrops of modern buildings and amazing architecture make for a place of originality not to be found anywhere else.

Marina bay sands is the most iconic of modern architecture. The hotel consisting of three towers constructed in a row, Resting on top of all three Holds the impressive boat-shaped structure. With views far across Singapore. The rooftop structure is home to a bar area and an infinity pool with a view like no other.

The most iconic of the colonial era hotels is Raffles. Still keeping with its heritage the building is pristine. For those who are lucky enough to stay at Raffles, you will be greeted at the entrance with your door opened for you by the immaculate doormen. Treated to the luxury of a bygone era.


This journey I chose to stay near china town. Over the years the latest craze in budget accommodation is capsule hotels and hostels. Capsule hotels provide a pod-like area to sleep in a dormitory-style environment. The pod you can close the door on shutting yourself off from the other guest that are sharing this space. You are provided with a locker to keep your belongings. The bathroom is shared.

For me, I wished to stay in accommodation that would give me the privacy of my own room and bathroom at a lower end of the budget. Close to the price of a capsule hotel.

I chose the Butternut Tree Hotel. Just a few minutes’ walk from Outram MRT station and within walking distance of china town. Butternut tree hotel is to be found in a pleasant area. The streets are all of the old colonial-style buildings. With some bars and restaurants surrounding the Butternut tree on this quiet street makes for a perfect place to stay.        My room as a single traveller at the time cost 70 Singapore dollars a night.

A very cozy budget sized room with all the usual amenities.  Don’t expect the Ritz. 

Some rooms looked to be requiring some upkeep. But all the rooms are clean and comfortable.  I recommend the first floor rooms. I would stay here again based on the location, the comfort and the price. 

Be aware that a deposit is asked at the time of booking in of 100SD.                                The payment returned at the time of checking out.

Staying in Outram Park at the Butternut tree hotel lead to find some hidden gems. Walking out of the door I turned the corner only to find a Hindu temple at the end of the road. A brightly coloured entrance to the temple depicting the many Hindu gods. At the time a ceremony was taking place. Locals removing their shoes on the pavement outside before entering. With a strong smell of incense. One of the locals cracked open a coconut beneath a statue with force before entering into the temple.

Following another road away from butternut hotel an assortment of shops cafes and bars were open. In this low key area in the day is a wonderful place to be. People relaxing with friends at one of the tables in the shade of the building's archways.

My walk this day took me to a small food hall. I asked a gentleman what he was buying. He was polite and explained his choice, as was the owner of the stall. He helped me choose my dish with no bother. Willingness to help and the politeness of Singapore people here only added to a delightful experience.

I chose a noodle soup of pork dim sum, spinach, mushrooms, and wolfberries in a spicy broth. The best soup I have ever tasted. I washed down my soup with a strong sugar tea made with carnation milk.  An enjoyable fulfilling way to start the day.

The whole meal only costing only 7 Singapore dollars.                          

To put it into perspective you will pay double the price in Chinatown for the same meal.

I dare say I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself half as much if I had stayed the hustle and bustle of china town.


The unexpected Hidden gems made my stay.

Looking forward to returning and explore more of wonderful Singapore.



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Singapore is worth the trip? It can be expensive to stay and frustrating at times, but personally myself I return again and again. There have been times I have disliked the place and times I have loved it. This time Singapore surprised me. I was full of dread at returning to the crowds in the shops and MRT tube train, claustrophobic in a utopian land with intercoms in the tube stations of a woman's voice reminding all to remain vigilant of anyone suspicious.

Singapore runs like a well-oiled machine. Busy roads with uniform traffic lights or one of many underpasses keep all in working order. No impatient jaywalkers’ to be seen in this city. Neither is their litter to be seen. Smoking is permitted in designated areas. No food or drink to be consumed in the train stations and trains, and most defiantly no chewing gum allowed. Not following these rules can leave you with a hefty fine.  All this always seems a bit much at first. The reality is the law is keeping the surroundings in the condition you see today. Singapore's laws ensure people respect their surroundings


Stop off  on route

Why not make the most of your flight to Bali. Stop off on route. Depending on the flight at some point in your journey there might be a stop, normally the country of which the airline is flying from. check with your airline about the possibility of stopping off for a day or two. Enquire about the cost of change. This will depend on the airline and the ticket restrictions.


COMO Uma Canggu

Amazing luxury accommodation situated beach front at Batu Bolong  Beach.COMO Uma Canggu is situated on Bali's south coast — a beachfront destination offering panoramic views of the soft volcanic sand and rolling waves. This luxury resort in Canggu — an area liked for its laid-back café scene and surf waves — offers stylish accommodation, exceptional cuisine, meaningful wellness and the same impeccable service COMO is known for across the globe

Rated Superb

Beach Front

Swimming Pool

Free Parking







como arch
como arch

Luxury Penthouse Living

como bed
como bed

como uma
como uma

como arch
como arch

Luxury Penthouse Living



Four On Drupadi

A wonderful accommodation. Great Prices

Stay in your own private villa with private pool.

A great location .close to shops and bars. Only twelve minutes walk from the beach.

24 hour butler service provided .

Also free entry to Fins beach club and the Canggu Club

Private Pool


Room service 24Hr


Mini Bar



Book your dream  

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