Beyond Bali


Bali's surrounding islands

The island of Bali fits snugly in between the many islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

The islands of Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Like most of the major Indonesian islands transportation between them by ferry is easily accessible..

If you are not restricted by a time limit you could travel by boat and local transport from malaysia to sumatra and follow the islands as far as the tip of flores. And possibly beyond with a little more insight into local travel.

A whole world of adventure to be experienced with differences in flora and fauna from orangutans of Sumatra to the largest lizards in the world on the island of komodo.

The choices are endless.

If you are restricted by time don't despair. With a good network of local airlines what could take weeks to reach comfortably by local travel could only be a few hours away.

You can lay on the beach in Bali one day and be trekking for Komodo dragons the next.


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Sumba Island


Come chill at FINNS BEACH CLUB.

A well known favorate

Sumba, Situated in the eastern islands of Indonesia. known for its long beautiful secluded pristine white sand beaches and Endless hillside views.

Less than two hours by plane feels a million miles from Bali.

Gone are the Hindu temples replaced by a different culture belief and lifestyle.

Come experience village life  like no other...



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